randomosity, including Michael Jackson, dogs swimming, and a fun game

An oldie but goodie:

Also see dogs swimming in day care, underwater photos of puppies swimming.

Facebook is crack for procrastinators.

I know, I know. My blog has become my new obsession. I'm writing 3 papers right now. One is on differences in media for different types of communication, hopefully to become a book chapter in the proceedings of the conference I went to in Dublin earlier this year. One is really giving me a headache; it's about the different domains within artificial intelligence (hence all of my robot obsession as-of-late). The other one is for an experiment I will be doing in the future with Istvan at ULL, also related to AI.

How to make your own pocket scroll.


Evolution of Michael Jackson:

Via & SuperPunch.

In other news, the only SlimJim factory exploded.

I especially like this person's response: "Is there no God? First the recession, then our Slim Jims. Expect total mayhem as seemingly normal people come to grips w/ this crises. Obama will have to do something."

A second hand clothing store in Bondi, Australia is giving a 20% discount to moonwalkers.

Off makes belt holster...
But it doesn't work so well apparently. And even if it makes you feel like a cowboy, there is no way it could possibly be as fun as our new vliegenvangers.

Today's girly robot:

Cute to boot, and pun-y too. Her name is Polar-roid.
Available on Etsy from Littlebrownbyrd.
(It's currently sold out, but other cute items are available for about $20 with $5 shipping.)

More Links:

Sierra club has a Wiki for trails (in Beta).

It might become easier to avoid those annoying automated menus when you call your cell phone and cable providers or credit card company.

An all-pet airline takes flight.

By enhancing the smell and taste of food with a spray, dieters can eat less.

This is kind of old news, but... Hampton Toyota in Lafayette gets busted rifling through this guy's car and doing other inappropriate things when he had brought it in to get fixed. At the link, you can see one of the videos that was shot when he installed a hidden video camera in his car.

Game crack for the day.

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...