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babies movie

Movie about babies around the world

best nail stickers

It's a pricey set of nail stickers, but shipped to you will be 80 little nail stickers, so maybe worth it. Also comes with 3D glasses. Neato.

Avail, $24.95

for your ugly sweater party

This sweater uses your iPhone {smart phone / iTouch / whatever} to create the fireplace animation in your ugly sweater fireplace. Brilliant!

To get the crackly fire for your fireplace, there's an app you download to your phone. With the app running, set the phone into its little window in the sweater, and voila! Best. Ugly Sweater. Ever.

Avail, $54 + $5 shipping (~$60)

grow your own mushrooms in 2 weeks

For the agriculturally challenged, you too can now grow your own food. Just add water to these used coffee grounds and fungi and you will have your very own mushrooms sprouting from their packaging.

Maybe cheaper to just order some oyster mushroom seeds and plant them in used coffee grounds and dirt, but this makes a fun and quirky (not to mention edible) gift.
Avail, $32.95

trip around the world

17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. One incredible journey. Follow the author's current adventures at and on instagram.