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Louie CK

Order your own Louie C. K. finger puppet on Etsy. (If you send her a picture, she will also do a finger puppet of you, or anyone/thing else you want.)

Random facts about flying:

  • On any given day, more than 87,000 flights travel through US.
  • "The safest place to sit on a plane is in the middle of the back. Not too close to the exit because the people there get sucked out. And also because the planes often break in half. The front is the least safe. Which makes sense -there’s no way airlines could charge extra money for the safest seats" (Via, Via).
  • It would be impossible for someone to open the exit doors while the plane is in flight because of the pressure.
  • Real-time map of flights over the US.

creepy, realistic, smiling girly robot


keyboard cat painting


Play us out, for old time's sake, keyboard cat.

relax cat

Happy Caturday!
9 months and 50,000 shots of flowers opening yield this quick video (5,000 of the shots made it into the final video).