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Some strange toy, Bill Cosby Jello Shots, bubbles and a green Exxon and WAL-MART

This is awesome.
I'm not sure what it is, but I like it.

Things like this come on T-shirts too.
If you visit this site about the art, you can sign up for a snail-mail free newsletter.

Bill Cosby in Jello shots:

(with video of the making and consumption of the jello shots)

Popping bubbles.

See the Flicker album for more.

And for today's robot fix, 101 robot t-shirts

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Slideshow of lighthouses.

I like these house decorations.

The most dangerous woman in China is getting attention.

Software to turn your RSS feeds to Pdfs so you can read them like newspapers. Via.

Green Irony

WAL-MART is going green
by creating a sustainability index of all of the items it stocks.

Exxon is going green
with algae as biofuel.

But Trader Joe's is NOT going green
(I guess they're going BLACK)
by selling a bunch of black-listed fish
(and Greenpeace is mad at them).