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Vulcan, Canada:

In Vulcan, there's a town that has been capitalizing off of Star Trek for about half a century.
I just wish they had a town like that for Star Wars and Dr. Who and Torchwood and Futurama and Twin Peaks and Back to the Future and LOST etc... Oahu's got the Kualoa Ranch, where Jurassic Park and LOST among others were filmed, but it's definitely not the same as having an entire town themed towards a sci-fi cult classic. There's one in Washington for the movie Twighlight (see below).
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No-vampire zone in Forks, WA.

The Forks folks are torn about whether or not they like the publicity.
While some don't like the attention Twilight has brought, others are enjoying the kudos.
From the article, Forks' Cook says that "traditionally, Forks has been considered by Seattle folks as the sticks, the home of loggers and simple rural ways. Now it's a bit of a status symbol."
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Zombie T-shirt.

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7 old school movie-themed toys that could have been better. Bill & Ted's, Willow, Jurassic Park make the list.

Wood stacking robots

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today's girly robot:

Via Flickr. It was spotted in Brooklyn.

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