They Had Their Chance

I just finished reading this article about how the Google offices in Australia are having trouble attracting female engineers as employees and couldn't help but think about Roxi's recent application for an internship that she was extremely qualified for. I know that the article specifically mentions female engineers in the Australian office, but I have a feeling that the problem surely extends to other offices like the ones here in the US. It is no secret that women are in the minority at technology companies which, in my opinion, stem from cultural biases about women and their ability to study engineering and science. I of course know many very intelligent women who received technical degrees and gone on to excel at their jobs. In Roxi's case, she isn't an engineer, but her dissertation work in Cognitive Science is perfectly tailored for the type of internship she applied for. My point is that companies can't have it both ways. They can't say they want women as employees, but then fail to even conduct a telephone interview with someone who might have amazing potential in their company.

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...