More Chinese Censorship

Chinese President Hu Jinato is visiting the US this week and his introduction at the White House today was interrupted by a Falun Gong protestor. The Chinese government has been suppressing the Falun Gong spiritual mediation movement since 1999 going so far as censorship and torture. Even Google is complicit in the censorship and distortion in their search engine results. Matt Drudge reported that CNN International went black during the protestor's remarks today. I don't understand why these global organizations that supposedly champion human rights pander to this kind of repression and censorship. The Chinese government is obviously not interested in allowing free thought and expression, but that doesn't mean that Google, CNN, Yahoo!, et al. should follow suit and censor information to please the communists. For all I know, the Falun Gong may be a cult, as they are labeled by the Chinese government, but this violent repression only makes people want to find out more about the group. I support them as a matter of principle! You can disagree with protestors all you want, but silencing the protest and apologizing is just stupid and contrary to the message we claim to be spreading to the world.

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...