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Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning "Remember you must die"


05 - Emisora Cadaver (Var) by Loquaz
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Escuela Flamenca here. Check out Proceso de Paz (Process of Peace) if you liked this song. It is beautiful too.

In other news...
"Scientists from Buffalo, Cleveland, and Oklahoma City made a huge step toward making the blind see, and they did it by using a form of gene therapy that does not involve the use of modified viruses. "


I just finished reading this book. It was excellent. A NY Times bestseller, and with good reason for that.

A new iPhone ap that lets you view cadavers at a number of layers.

made by the University of Utah, the ap comes with the following features:
  • Rotate the cadaver and zoom in or out to more clearly see any structure
  • Each label is accompanied by text describing its structure and function
  • A search engine allows you to easily locate any structure on the cadaver
  • A toggle button on the home screen allows you to toggle on or off a “Genital Blur” lest you be tempted to giggle at the genitalia while studying…
Avail ($9.99).
But if you're willing to splurge ($39.99), Netter's is better.