Linear Road Town

Linear "Road town" proposed in 1910 is still a neat and somewhat appealing idea. But it does remind me somewhat of a cruise ship...

"A linear city... a thousand people per mile... surrounded by farmland, so people can move along its length to get things that made elsewhere, but one need only go perpendicular to the town to find (or grow) food. Bountiful electric power will make it all possible."

More about all that here.
Or you can read the entire proposal here on Google (or see below).

Read a few quotes below:

I would extend the blotch of human habitations called cities out in radiating lines. I would surround the city worker with the trees and grass and woods and meadows and the farmer with all the advantages of city life

several railroads for long-distance and local transportation of freight passengers. Its continuous roof is devoted to a steamheated, glass-enclosed promenade paralleled on each side by bicycle and rollerskating paths, benches and jogging tracks.

women in technological utopia can vote, hold office, hold jobs, and attend college

Instead of college . . . there will be an industrial university. . . . Pounding literature into the head of a natural born mechanic is both economic and mental waste. The universal query in Roadtown will not be what does he know, but what can he do

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...