Public speaking, more robots, Hello Kitty "shoulder massager," Dubai goes green

Motorcycle robot.

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From the retail site, I quote: "You can use the Hello Kitty Vibrating Shoulder Massager vibrator to massage away your daily stress. Works great on your neck, shoulders and back, or anywhere."

Sure, "shoulder massager" vibrator.

I love these cards.

Available at Etsy.

Useful tips on giving a talk (abbreviated version).
  1. Make fun of people in the audience.
  2. Ridicule bogus claims related to your topic.
  3. Incorporate the audience’s experiences into your talk.
  4. Self-deprecate.
  5. Comment on how neurotic the thought-process scientists is.
  6. Use “disciplinary humor.”
  7. Explain your results in an unusually vivid or graphic way.
  8. If you’re using PowerPoint, take full advantage of its comic potential: wild animations, text that pops up on the screen to question or even flat-out contradict that you’re saying, a punchline at the bottom of the slide that only gets revealed when you press a key, etc.
  9. Banter with the crowd: if someone makes a crack at your expense, always respond, and even escalate the interaction into a “staged fight.”
  10. Have high energy!
  11. Pause a few beats before the punchline.
  12. Experiment! If a particular joke bombs, drop it from your rotation; if it brings the house down, recycle it in future talks.
  13. Steal good ideas shamelessly from other speakers. (I mean the humor techniques, not the results.)
  14. Tailor your jokes to the audience’s background.
  15. Make jokes about the country where you’re giving the talk.
  16. Take risks!
See the full version here.

From the blue living ideas cite: "WatCleaner is a concept robot that’s designed to float around rivers and lakes and oceans cleaning the water as it goes. It can deal with both bulk garbage (by slurping it down and disintegrating it) and suspended pollution like oil (by absorbing it into collection bladders). It’s even, supposedly, smart enough not to ingest and disintegrate narwhals or porpoises or anything."

There's an elephant car wash in Oregon. But they don't guarantee that you will get your car clean with it. Go figure.

And PETA wants to shut it down.

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Not for the faint of heart: Sneak peak to gross Animal Planet movie "Monsters Inside Me." (Sorry, in the states you probably have seen commercials for this but we're a little deprived over here.)

Vintage Ghostbusters stickers.

Having baby pictures in your wallet increases liklihood that they will be returned if lost: "The baby photograph wallets had the highest return rate, with 88 per cent of the 40 being sent back. Next came the puppy, the family and the elderly couple, with 53 per cent, 48 and 28 respectively. At 20 per cent and 15, the charity card and control wallets had the lowest return rates." Via.

Prefabs for cold weather.

If Brad and Angelina move to NYC, how will Brad run for Mayor of NOLA?

Man's eye replaced with his tooth (including creepy picture).

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...