Twin Peaks References in Songs

With the release of the Twin Peaks Blue Ray set, this post features a number of songs located by Pigeons and Planes that reference the TV show. I've pasted them below for your viewing (and listening) pleasure. Enjoy!


Campter Van Beethoven - "That Gum You Like is Back in Style"
Reference: See below...


Kool AD -- Eroika

Reference: "Watching Twin Peaks, bitch, look I'm Laura Palmer."


"Just You" by the Icypoles

Reference: The track is a cover of Twin Peaks character James Hurley's infamous "Just You."


Surfer Blood - "Twin Peaks"

Reference: The title, obviously.


Ben Frost - "Leo Needs a New Pair of Shoes"
Reference: "You punks owe me ten grand! Leo needs a new pair of shoes!"
(sorry, I don't have the song linked anymore)


EL-P - "Tasmanian Pain Coaster"

 Reference: Samples the falling in space scene from Fire Walk With Me.


Stars of the Lid - "Music for Twin Peaks Episode #30 Part 1"

 Reference: The insinuation that it would've soundtracked the season 3 premiere


Sky Ferreira - "Night Time, My Time"

 Reference: Named after a line spoken by Laura Palmer in Fire Walk With Me, interpolates numerous quotes from the same scene into the lyrics


Mount Eerie - "Between Two Mysteries"
Reference: Interpolates elements of Angelo Badalamenti's "Love Theme from Twin Peaks."

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