There is too much cute stuff in the world...

I want all of these things!!!

This is what this mug looks like when it's clean. Wes said it would drive him crazy if I bought it because he would always be trying to clean it if he found it sitting somewhere in the house. But I think it would be perfect for the office.

This would be good for the office too...

It is really just a simple calculator, but since it stands up on its own, it saves space at least. I am really into robot stuff lately.

and speaking of robot stuff...
That's right. A C3PO jump drive.
They also have Darth Vader and Wicket.

And speaking of Star Wars,
It's an overpriced Japanese Star Wars themed tea towel.
And it says something about how R2-D2 is so steadfast, he always gets C3P0 to do an earnest job. We have some Star Wars twin sheets and I really think that we'll one day have a home to put those sheets in. And when we have that home with that room with those sheets, it sure would be nice for it to have a bathroom with these towels. But I guess we will get to work on the location, then jobs, then home, then rooms, then decorating. It only seems right.

But in that house's kitchen, I think I would put this:

This one makes it fun to play with your food again. I probably won't buy it, but if I had kids, it would be in the mail on its way to my (or make that a--since we don't have one yet) house right now!

AND I don't really want this one, but it sure is funny, isn't it?
It's a 'bald man's comb' !

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