Ah, romance.


Fabrizio de Andrè Verranno "a chiederti del nostro amore"
(I did the best I could to translate the lyrics. If anyone notices flaws, please comment and correct!) It reminds me of an Italian Leonard Cohen.

When standing before your wonder and stupor,
they'll come asking about our love--
those people who are wasted in making other people listen to them--
a love so long... You can't give it to them quickly.

Do not open your lips in a congestion of words,
lips restraining the fantasy of a love,
a love that was so safe--a refuge in the "always"
that is now they hypocrisy of "never",

I could not change you.
You didn't change me, you know.

And behind the microphones, they'll give you a mirror
that makes you see yourself in the most beautiful regalia,
and me as already aged.
You'll show them a face that you didn't wear with me.
They'll be astonished that you weren't enough for me.

Well tell them that I threw the power from my hands--
the love was so immature I left scratches on its breasts.
To return to the caress of love would be easy now.

You couldn't change me.
I didn't change you, you know.

Tell them that they always gave me back your eyes
like flowers given in May and given back in November.
Your eyes were empty--anyone could occupy their time--
for three years, your eyes were for others.

By then, you would scour beaches for coral
or throw yourself into an act with an anchor around your neck.
You became too tired to be ashamed
to confess our similarity; that we had become identical.

They managed to change us.
They managed to, you know.

But without the others knowing it,
tell me, unscripted: tell me how do you feel?
You'll continue to love yourself so much that you'll want to give yourself a ring.
You'll love for the sake of love or to have it granted.

You'll go live with Alice, who makes her own whiskey by distilling flowers
or with a Casanova who promises to introduce you to his parents
or you'll simply stay wherever there is someone there
without wondering why.

You'll continue being chosen
or you'll finally choose.

Inter-species romance:



Work by Chad Kouri.

In other news...
In Lithuania, is is now illegal for media and schools to spread information that "agitates for homosexual, bisexual relations, or polygamy."

Amserdam says, "We're ALL GAY! in an effort to boost tourism. Also see Amsterdam seeks to reclaim 'Gay Capital' crown, Amsterdam to pay NY gays to get hitched, and the campaign sight Everyone's Gay in Amsterdam. As someone who lives in Holland and frequents Amsterdam, I assure you it isn't true. But it wouldn't really matter to me if it were true. I just think the campaign is amusing for some reason.

In an older post here on GfL, I mentioned a $160 camera for taking time-lapsed shots of flowers. IF I were willing to pay $160, here are a couple of ideas I have for what I would do with it.

Niagara Falls in Motion from Matthew Wartman.

(the squirrels always visit these peoples' house, so they set up a video camera and various types of toys with food in them) There is a live feed of the squirrels in all kinds of situations. This one is the dating game, but there's also one of Harry Potter, of squirrels stealing booty from pirates, and other ridiculous videos. Via.

today's girly robot:
Love robot video.

loVE RobOT (iyaDedE/Blessoill/Charlemagne graphix) from Iya Dede

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...