This year, for some reason, I really wanted to make an Advent calander.  As yesterday was the first sunday in Advent, what better time to get busy doing it?

I'm sending it to my nephews tomorrow, a little late, I know... I guess I'll have to overnight ship it, so they can at least have it by the third.  I didn't include a window #1 because I figured opening up the package containing the calander can be #1.  And when they get it, they'll have to open up #s 2 & 3 together...

I'm blogging about it for two reasons.  One, I'm kind of proud of it.  I used styrofoam and two thick poster boards and painter's tape.  It was a fun project, but quite a bit of work.  (Plus, when I was almost done with it, cleaning up the styrofoam remnants on the floor, I tipped over my white nun drink and spilled frothed milk and Bailey's all over it!  Thankfully, I don't think it smells like alcohol, and I don't think it's sticky anymore....) The second reason I'm blogging about it is so my sister-in-law can check here if they're unsure about how any of the windows work!

...But I hope the boys don't see the blog, because I don't want them to see what's to come for the rest of the month!

Here is the calander in its original unopened state.

Day 2: (It starts on day 2) It's the first of the 3 wise men

Day # 3: Dolphin and Seahorse Bubblebath!

Days 4, 5, and 6:
Day 4 is glitter :)
Day 5 is a picture

Days 6 & 7:

Day 6: "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him"
Day 7: Starbursts!

Day 8: A picture to brighten the day.

Day 9: 2 more starbursts... Hopefully they don't fall out when the calendar is mailed...

Day 10: "Santa's coals Bubblegum"

Day 11: Shreck temporary tatoos.  There's 8 of them on the sheet in the envelope.  They're itty bitty.

Day 12: A picture of presents.  They can color the picture.

Days 1-15:
Day 13 is another 'picture to brighten the day'
Day 14 is a picture of a Christmas tree that says something along the lines of "We're half way to Christmas!"
Day 15 has some 3D starwars stickers.

Day 15: Starwars 3D stickers
"Make sure to get all 5 stickers, and make sure to share!"

I made a little pouch for the stickers.

Day 16: This is another one of the ones that I did last.  It got a little tiring making each of these! It's just some decorations behind the door. "I stuck this sticker" -- It's one of the StarWars stickers.

Days 17 and 18: The second and 3rd wise men.  Blogger didn't feel like uploading one of them, but you get the point from this one picture.

Day 19: Watergun(s)!

"Only 1 would fit here..."

There's also a note on one of those windows to Day 19
that there are 4 more waterguns stored in the top of the calendar.
(Under the white paper)

Day 20: Spiderman stickers that come with 3D glasses!

Day 21: Another lazy one: Dragonflies

Day 22: Lazy again, it's a Christmas tree picture.  

Day 23: More StarWars stickers

Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker

Days 24 & 25:

Day 24 is the starry night.

And Day 25 says "Now it's time for bigger gifts! Merry Christmas!"

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