But I am working...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the reason Wes and I got married last October is that there was a chance I'd finish my dissertation and we'd be off to Europe in no time flat. We wanted to get married sooner rather than later just in case so we wouldn't have to worry about overseas relationship (Tennessee / Louisiana was hard enough!).

So here I am. Hoping that this December it will finally happen! I'm pretty sure that this date is very official. Something really crazy would have to happen for it to take me longer than that.

But I hate telling people that I'm still not done. I know that it's not about what other people think or anything, and that's not what I mean. It's more that this is such a disappointment to me. Trust me. And that's what Everyone asks. "When are you going to be done?" I know it's just a conversation-starter or a genuine interest or something completely benign and genteel in nature, but every time I have to answer that question, I have to relive how many times I have been crushed by thinking I was so close to being done.

One of my committee members always says that there's a monster in your family until you're done. He's right. Usually, it's the dissertation that is a monster-ous monkey on my back, but when things get especially frustrating or trying, I am the monster. And that is no way for a newlywed to feel! :( (It's also not a great way to be, newlywed or not.)

So I'm trying really hard not to go on anti-depressant medication. I remind myself that in some undetermined amount of time, this will be over. I am not depressed, I am stressed and going through something very difficult right now. And it will all pay off when me and Wes and Jupiter are flying across the Atlantic to the Nederlandes ( or however you spell it in Dutch).

And, it's really helpful to notice when progress is made. See below. Aint it pretty? Look at all those pages!

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...