Raw # 2

I've been doing this Raw Food diet for a few days now. I say "I've been doing it" very leniently, though. In actuality, I've only had about 1 "raw" meal a day. Friday night, Wes and I went over to a small dinner party to eat some Thai curry that a couple of our friends had made with the Red Fish they'd recently caught. Wes tried to help me rationalize, saying that indeed Derek had made the curry from scratch, and he used all fresh ingredients (except for a couple of small details). But it was cooked, not raw, as one would expect.

Saturday night, we had Thai Takeout. Also not "raw".

Even though I haven't been committed to this diet, I still notice a difference. I don't want to become a fanatic. I think, though, that I might try this "diet" more in earnest this week.

For lunch today, I made a dip out of all fresh vegetables (the only non-raw ingredient being a dash of cheddar) and we dipped raw vegetables in it. After eating meals like this, I have to admit, I do feel a little bit of a buzz. About 20 minutes after the meal, I get a surge of energy and feel somewhat invigorated. Tonight we went to a little hangout and got some Nachos while we played a game of Dominoes. After eating the Nachos, I felt full. Nothing more, nothing less. No buzz. No surge of energy. Just full. Not quite as fun.

I love cooking and preparing food. Trying to come up with a way to make the veggies in my fridge taste different and gourmet without cooking them is a daunting challenge. And with the amount of nutrition in these dishes, it's very rewarding, too.

I guess that all we ask of our food usually is to make us feel full. But this raw food really delivers in all kinds of other ways. I feel healthier, thinner, and more alert. And surprisingly, the food is just as much fun to eat.

After I finish off my Pad Thai leftovers, I might become a more religious raw-fooder. Don't worry, though, Bubba, it'll just be for a couple of weeks. I promise not to become a freak of nature!

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