The Others

Maybe the "Others" on Lost aren't really all that bad of guys.

I know that this view won't be too popular with anyone. Wes is always pointing out how the Others always say that they aren't all bad, then they go and do all this terrible stuff. But I've got to give them the benefit of the doubt.

What have they really done that we know for sure was really bad?

They stole all of the kids, sure, but maybe there really is a virus. And maybe there really is limited vaccine.

Think about it. We don't think the Losties are bad guys. Even after everything that they have done to each other...

Sayid tortured Sawyer over asthma medicine.
Walt burnt the first Raft.
Locke drugged Boone and probably Jack.
Locke knocked Sayid out when they were trying to use the transistor.
Charlie attacked Sun.
Sun poisoned Michael.
Ana Lucia killed Shannon.
Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby, and attacked John, not to mention all the other stuff he did.

Now let's consider what the "Others" have done:
Sure, Ethan kidnapped Charlie and Claire and hung Charlie, but maybe they really had some very important reason for wanting to help Claire and her baby that we just haven't figured out yet. And Ethan tried to hang Charlie and got in that fight with Jack, but you have to admit that there's probably some explanation that could justify those actions. It's not out of the question.

Stealing the children? Probably not too bad to do because the kids are probably getting warm baths and schooling and decent meals and are probably a lot safer than they were with all of the Losties.

There's been a little bit of spying, but again, we don't know why, so we can't judge it quite yet.

And we can't forget that "Henry Gale" didn't run away when Locke got stuck under the door because he said that John was one of the "good ones" - whatever that means. But it does show that there is probably some sort of method behind all of this Others madness, which is more than we can say for the Losties.

And, there's the kidnapping of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Also in need of explanation.

But if we think about what the Losties have done to the Others, it's a lot worse, no matter how you spin it.

First of all, they're always getting up in there space. You don't see the Others invading the coastline all the time. Then there's all these cold-blooded, intentional killings:
Echo beat two men's heads in with rocks.
Ana Lucia murdered Goodwin.
And Sayid tortured "Henry Gale".

I'm sure I'm leaving out plenty of details, but I'm pretty sure that I'm right about how the Losties tip the scale with "bad guy" behavior in a bad way.
It's like in the book Wicked. You always thought that the witch from the East was so wicked until you heard her version of the story.

In Lost, we think that the Losties are so great and innocent even though they are constantly back-stabbing

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