Don't see "Saw" (because they're freaks)

Here is one of the posters for Saw III.

The picture's not very disturbing, which is weird, considering the movie it promotes. The thing that's disturbing about this picture is the marketing gimmick that goes along with it. From Cinescape:

" get the deepest blood red... I asked if it would be possible to use actual blood." Lionsgate marketing's Tim Palen said.


That's not edgy, it's just plain sick. I totally understand doing something freakishly weird if there's some sort of purpose behind it. But being sick just to be sick was never very cool. And dried blood is really a rust color. It's not blood-red, right?

Desson Thomson sums the poster up nicely in his review of the movie.
The Internet film geeks are salivating over this one. But humans who live above ground, including horror fans, will find themselves only fitfully entertained and more consistently appalled.

So 1000 posters ended up being printed with real blood.

They also did a blood drive for the American Red Cross (which explains all these nurse posters), but it pissed the ARC off so much that they had the Saw people remove the Red Cross symbol from the posters. How ridiculous. of course they still accepted the donations.

Here's the before and after shots of one of the posters (with and without Red Cross symbol):
I'm admittedly in no way original for blogging about this. There are blogs all over the place about this. And each one ends with a little kicker making fun of something else bloody. Aside from the predictable allusions to the Adidas and Kiss incidents, along with the ever-popular Angelina Joli stabs, here are some of my favorites (to go to the articles, click the open quotations):

"...Red Cross... used a similar cost-saving method to print pamphlets after the blood surplus following September 11th."

"Uh. Does the money going to the Red Cross support the creepy things that might be spread by passing someone's blood out across the country? Or am I just being too optomistic about the demand for blood-splattered posters?"

"If they show these in Magic Johnson's theatre chain, the posters won't be able to enter the lobby until they have a Band-Aid on them."

" make this one interesting they've added the excitement of possible hepatitis C transmission..."

"...can’t he take a piss on the poster too..."

"Bell wasn't down for having one of his body parts ripped off instead -- they've saving that for the Saw IV marketing campaign."

(By the way, if you're one of those people who don't "live above ground," you can watch clips from the upcoming film here.)

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