Dear FutureWes

What I've been doing today has a lot of potential creep-factor.

But that'll only be if I die in the next couple of years, which I'm not planning on, so I don't think it'll turn out to be too weird.

So this is what I've been doing: e-mailing Wes time-capsule e-mails.
He'll get one in 2013, one in 2025, and I think one next year. I think I might go ahead and send him an earlier one with my username and password, just in case he wants to not get them. Because if I died I think it might be really sad to get them. But then maybe he'd really be happy to hear from me... Hmmm.

I think there are so many potentially humorous situations here. Like a woman emailing her husband every year for the next 15 years to remind him that the next day is her birthday, or that their anniversary is coming up. Or emailing him to let him know that if she's died that he had better miss her or feel guilty for being happy or something equally morbid.

You can also read and rate other peoples' letters on the site. It's a little interesting I guess but honestly, I gave most of the letters one star. Just not very original. You can choose to make your letters private. I would think that if you were going to be all whiney about how depressed you are that you would make that private, right?

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