I wish China would chill the F*CK out. Seriously.

Now that they finally got Google to sell out, they're giving them a hard time about their frigging ISP.

And have you checked out the Chinese version of Google, by the way? That link will open the search for "Falun Dafa" in a new window... Maybe a little background info would be useful at this point...

Ok, first look at these pictures:

These people are practicing Falun Gong.
Now, do these look like people who deserve to be assulted for their unruly behavior?

Well, look at these pictures of people who have been assulted for their practice of Falun Gong:

This one happened in the US:

(Stories accompanying many of the above images can be found here.)

Is this for real? Are these people REALLY being MURDERED for their ZEN-LIKE PRaCTICE!

This is like some eerie, futuristic, scifi Margaret Atwood novel or something. This is worse than 1984! And the first image is a man whose appartment in ATLANTA, GEORGIA was broken into...

So what's so bad about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong? Well, nothing, actually, as far as I can see. But this blog is not trying to be all about that insanity. It's to point out to you the fact that Google has totally sold out. Go to this link: Chinese version of Google, then go to this one:Our Google. Click around on some of the links that show up on each page. Now think about it. And what that you would think about stuff if you were a 15 year old who had this hunger for knowledge who read the internet all day, but lived in China. Now think about how those 15 year olds are going to see the world. And how many of them there are. And how "smart" (booksmart) they'll be in 15 years. And how much debt our country owes theirs.

So, like I said. What the F*ck, china!

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