seven things

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
See or swim with a blue whale
Go to India
Learn to do pottery on a potter's wheel
Learn to knit or crochet
Have an art show
Learn how to sail
Live to be at least 98

7 Things I Can Do
Build a robot
Make up recipes with things in any cupboard
Curl my tongue and tie cherry stems in knots
Stay calm under pressure
Public speaking about anything to anyone
Bend my thumb backwards
Convince people of things

7 Things I Cannot Do
Play almost any sport
Watch someone I love hurt themselves
Be fake-nice
Win the lottery (apparently)
ride a unicycle
Dance any way but booty

7 Things that Attract Me To The Opposite Sex/Another Person
good looking, but not too good looking
maybe a little nerdy
good taste in music

7 Things That I Say Most Often

come on
love you

so what are you going to do about it?

7 Celebrity Crushes
Mark Ruffalo
Benicio del Torro
Brad Pitt, I know it's cliche.
Val Kilmer
Kevin Spacey

Laurence Fishburn
John Stewart

7 People I Want To Do This
I don't think I know seven people who will even read this.
Katie, but she already did it.
and four other people.

animated gifs from Library of Congress photos

Kevin J Wier makes animated gifs using old photographs from the library of congress flickr account. ...