Europe - day 1: getting here

Well, today is Day 1 of my trip to Europe, but actually the second official day of my traveling.

I left Lafayette, Louisiana at 8:30 am, Central time, Dec. 1. I got here to my little hotel at about the same time, my time, Dec. 2. I have never traveled that long before, but I was surprisingly quite "together" when I got here. Part of the reasoning behind that, I think, is that I kept popping these No Jetlag homeopathic pills. (Which I highly recommend for anyone traveling for longer than 4 hours, by the way.)

So far, the only news I have about my trip are about the travel and what the city looks like - I haven't really done anything yet...

First, let me tell you that the London Heathrow airport (which I am traveling through every time I go anywhere this entire journey, of course) is even stricter than the US airport. This is definitely the worst place to fly through if you are planning on packing almost 2 weeks worth of clothes into a carry on, which I am. Also, when they say one carry on they really mean one carry on. -- Not like in the US where one carry on means "one big bag plus a big purse or laptop case." I was unfortunate enough to find this out when I was AT the London Heathrow airport, with about an hour to catch my connecting flight. Thankfully, though, with the help of one of the women who worked there, I was able to cram my purse into my bag to go through security by some miracle! (But not without throwing a few things away.)

I think their rules for liquids are just a little bit stricter than the ones in the US as well. London Heathrow is probably the most frustrating place to fly through right now. It might be my imagination, or that I was getting tireder and tireder as I went on and on from plane to plane today, but it seemed like the London travelers were especially unpleasant as compared to the groups of people in all of the other airports.

If those terrorists wanted to make our lives more difficult and frustrating, mission accomplished (temporarily).

This is what I did today:

Lafayette to Houston
Houston to JFK in New York
New York to London
London to Edinburgh

Whew! The way home should be much easier because going from Rome-London-New York will all be international (it seems to be more complicated to switch gates when you're going from a national - international terminal or vice versa), and I get to take a long break in New York. Plus I'll have company on the way home from NY!

Here's Edinburgh.

It seems really cute, but haven't gotten to check it out yet. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll wake up and go exploring. I had the bartender here brief me on how to get around town tomorrow, so I know which bus to take, where to go, and how to get back!

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