Reality TV my A**... Goodbye (weep) Katherine

I'm a big fan of Project Runway, so sue me.

I don't usually like reality TV, but I like Project Runway because I think it's fun to see all of the designs everyone comes up with, and the opinions the professionals have about the designers' work.

But this season, I'm starting to see just how much input the PRODUCERS are putting into these decisions instead of the design professionals...

And, frankly, I'm getting a little P.O.'ed.

For those of you who haven't become cracked out on the show as I have, the third episode required competitors to design matching dresses for models and dogs. Before you read on, guess which of these designers was voted off!

Angela's Design

Katherine's Design

You probably guessed just from my tone that the second picture is the one of the designs that was "Aufed".

So what does Angela have that Katherine doesn't? ...Because it certainly isn't designer skills. On the Project Runway blog, commenters suggest that Angela must be married to one of the producers or her parents must be dishing out some serious cash to someone, but I've got my own theory: Angela makes great drama television. She doesn't get along with anyone else on the show, and all of her designs feature her ever-so-tacky signature rosettes. The other contestants described her work as "a bag of skittles" and a "grandmother-crocheted bag of poof" or something like that. Katherine, on the other hand, is an awesome designer, but a bit meek and humble and young and well, boring.

Here is what they say on the PR blog:
But, kudos to Katherine, she's started her own blog with a weekly mini video feature of her designing clothes. Which is a testament to her creativity and perseverance and ability as a designer, but also a little, well, boring. Because she's a little boring. But not boring in a bad way, just not some drama queen or crazy person. She's normal. And normal, apparently, isn't *interesting* enough for freak producers of cable TV shows. But her clothes are great. And she is great, as a designer, which is what she wants to be... not an actress or entertainer etc etc... which shouldn't be requirements for winning project runway anyway!

In undergraduate, one of my roommates, an anthropology major, told me that even documentaries are scripted. So even when we see footage of aborigines, it isn't at all anything close to reality. So I know I shouldn't be surprised that even this "fashion" show is about the drama... But I'm not watching Project Runway to see how conflicts between charismatic people are resolved. I can watch Desperate housewives for that. I'm watching Project Runway to see the best designers make it the furthest in the competition.

But that, apparently, is asking too much.

Goodbye Katherine!
You will be missed, and in the humble opinion of this PR viewer, you were wrongly "Aufed".

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